Day 7: 8/16 - Hammonton to Northfield!

Posted by Edwin Monday, August 16, 2010

Welcome to Northfield!
Thank you, thank you very much.
Oh, you're very welcome.

I'm going to divide this post into two sections, the skate and the lemonade stand. Well, its not like I've organized it in any other way, I just never mention it specifically.
Well now I did. And now the post might even be a little bit easier to read!

Good afternoon gentlemen and gentleladies!

I personally woke up absolutely exhausted, and just trying to carry through the morning was quite a task for me. Even making waffles was quite a challenge.

Mine came out awful. They were torn all over the place.
I blame myself.

After the skate started, everything seemed to get a lot better. I was in some pain for the first time these seven days, but it eased off and I started to feel a little bit more energetic.
Meanwhile, Danny was still annoyed that he had to ride his bike and also because of the pain with pushing on longboard, but he seemed quite fine with pedaling the way. Even though it is on bike, its still good that he's pulling through with the distance with me!

Three guys (actually two and a lady, (Brad, Jay, and Lindsay)) from Original Skateboards came down to film us. Did you like that double parenthesis job I did there? Fancy.
Anyway, they got some super wicked footage (but not really) of us pushing up hills and cruising in static positions while cars struggled to pass us by. Whoopee!

After about a little more than halfway through our skate for the day, Danny's bike actually got a flat tire, so he decided to ride out for the last 10 miles on longboard, even though it hurt him quite a bit. He'll be back on his bike tomorrow though!

We then arrived in Northfield, where I took the super picture above!

[Now for the lemonade stand portion!]

We set up and hung out for a little while with the Original team, and for the most part we were messing around skating in the parking lot as the stand was generally slow, but with many people interested! As it turned out, a local paper in Northfield (The Current) actually ran a story about us in the paper the Thursday before, so we had some people come down for us! And we also got a great turnout! We had a $200 single donation, and made a total of $365 today! Which is great considering we only made slightly above $100 at the last two stops!
Thank you Northfield!

We also got onto NBC40, a local channel for Atlantic City! It was a very short spot and it didn't even include our website, what our event was even called, or even Danny, but its nice that they took the time to come out. I guess.

We packed after the hot day of great success and headed out to our hotel, which was a five mile skate away. Actually, we ended up leaving a little bit early because of the distance but also because there were some clouds approaching that didn't look too nice and forgiving.

As I end this post, I'm just going to recap that I'm still behind on the video!
And we actually have no video content as for yesterday or the day before, aside from video logs we made each night. Though when the Original Skateboards video of us comes out, I'll be sure to post a link here!

Tomorrow (August 17th), we'll be in Sea Isle City at Heritage Surf Shop at 3700 Landis Avenue, so be sure to check us out! We'll probably stay there until 7:00 because we're staying at a place right on the corner next to it!

Ta ta for now!
- Edwin



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