Sorry it's been so long without a new blog post! I've been away for quite some time and just haven't found the time to update the website as much as I want to.

Over the past two weeks, we've picked up Function Drinks, Frends Headphones, Kracked Skulls Skateboards, Mile High Skates, and DaddiesBoardShop as sponsors for Skate Cape May!

And, we just recently received a shipment of (you guessed it!) wristbands. The picture above was enough of a giveaway -- sorry to take away the surprise of it! The wristbands this year are much nicer, with a yellow/purple segmentation, Skate Cape May on one side, Alex's Lemonade Stand on the other, and a white paint fill. Look out for our new wristbands at each lemonade stand location!

We also picked up the R&J Publicity firm thanks to one of Danny's "connections," (heh) who will be helping us out by getting us publicity throughout NJ and elsewhere. Many thanks to them!

As for T-Shirts, we are at a bit of a standstill as we haven't been able to find anyone to help us make the shirts this year so far -- if anyone is interested in being a shirt sponsor or knows if anyone would be able to offer us a discount or something, it would be greatly appreciated!

That would generally sum up what we have so far-
Until the future!

- Edwin

Sponsor Updates + Raffles!

Posted by Edwin Thursday, July 7, 2011 0 comments

Its been a bit of a busy week! Recently Paris Trucks, Divine Wheel Co. and Vox Footwear have come out to assist us on our journey by providing Trucks, Wheels, and Shoes for the journey! Much thanks to these companies for helping us out with the equipment.
Along with equipment to use, some of the gear will be raffled off for donations at each lemonade stand. Stuff being raffled will include sets of wheels, trucks, a pair of shoes, and shirts!

As of now we're still working on getting shirts and wristbands for the journey which has presented issues mostly with finding money to purchase them. Until they're available, we're looking for anyone interested in helping us out in terms of tshirts and wristbands!

I'll be keeping you guys posted with any updates!
- Edwin

Skate Cape May is a 200+ mile skateboarding journey from the top of New Jersey (High Point) to the bottom (Cape May) with the intent to raise funds for Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation for Childhood Cancer Research. Last year, we received an award as a Top 100 Fundraiser for 2010 for ALSF!

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