The Thank You's!

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This is the part where I'm going to be thanking the fantastic people that made Skate Cape May possible!

First of all, I would definitely have to thank my parents and Danny's parents and Danny's family for all of the support they've shown over the past 9 days. They've been behind us the entire time and they've all done a great job following us and making sure we're safe. Even though we didn't necessarily enjoy the fact that we had to be "chaperoned" on our trip. But its all a part of safety and its good to see them caring!

I would also like to thank Colin Taylor, who is a marketing manager from Great American Volleyball, who did a lot of calling and got us a lot of sponsors! He's gotten us the support from CamelBak with free backpacks, a ridiculous amount of SmartWater and VitaminWater, and even a care package from Red Bull! Colin has also helped to get our lemonade stand location in front of Heritage Surf Shop, get an interview with NBC40 Atlantic City, have a fundraiser at JC's Grill House, and even get shirts donated to us from UniServ Advertising! His help has certainly been invaluable.

I would also like to thank those who have provided us with lodging: To Holiday Inn Express in Newton, Danny's family for the apartment in Chester, John at DiGennis Centennial House, and Amanda for getting us a stay in her cousin's beach house near Cape May!

And lastly, I'd like to thank the many people who have been following us and the people who have been so considerate as to making a donation or simply by supporting us in any way possible. If it weren't for our followers or our readers or the amazing generosity of the people, our fundraiser would not have been nearly as successful as it was!


For whatever reason that slipped my mind, I completely forgot to mention Original Skateboards and the tremendous help that they've been over the course of our trip and beforehand! They have provided us with great boards and great equipment. They've also been extremely proactive in our efforts to raise money for our cause, especially evident in our first stand in Newton, where pretty much everyone came out to help!
They've also been great at following us and also filming what we've been doing, and they are also making a video about us to help spread awareness of what we've been doing.
Its truly amazing how much support they've shown!
And I would definitely like to thank Original for being such such a huge part of our event;

So thank you everybody! Its been an absolute pleasure!
- Edwin

Day 9: 8/18 - Final Day! Sea Isle City to Cape May!

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I'm tired. Danny's tired. We're all tired.
But it doesn't matter because we feel great!

Today was our last day, and when I saw the rain and checked the forecast (rain all day!), I really could think of nothing but:

"Oh man, today is going to suck."

But in truth, it didn't at all.
In fact, it was probably one our funnest skates this entire trip!

So let's break it down again into the skate and the lemonade stand!

In a nutshell, today's skate was 20 miles through pouring rain and flooded streets!
And it was insanely fun!
On our ride from Sea Isle City, we would come off of each street corner into about half a foot of rainwater, as Danny would say, "It's like plunging into the abyss!"
It seriously was. Our boards would be completely submerged and still be shindeep in water. It was totally surreal. And we were soaked. The visibility was awful, but still very cool as it sort of looked like a sort of fog! Going over the bridge on the way there, the rain got especially crazy and we got to stomp through the rain since in truth, there was no way we could possibly get any wetter!

And so we arrived at the Rita's in Cape May completely soaked!

Mind you, the entire time, we were also being followed by Brad and Jay from Original Skateboards, and they met up with us at Rita's!

So when we were down, we had a couple people come down to visit us, such as a reporter from the Star and Wave and a photographer from Exit Zero magazine!

And now for the lemonade stand portion!

A lot of Danny's family and my parents came to meet us at the end, and we so we set up!
Even though it was raining, we still had plenty of interested people come in, with nearly all of them not having heard of us or what we were doing. But that's fine because so many were supportive of our cause!

We also met up with a great little girl who actually battled childhood cancer and has so far been off chemotherapy for 21 months! It was quite a moving story!

We ended up raising over $450 from the final lemonade stand! Probably most definitely one of our more successful stands!
We then had a celebratory dinner at a nearby restaurant and had some fun at the arcade across the street! Super fun! And now I'm sitting at Danny's Aunt's friend's beach house right next to the shore where we'll be enjoying the beach tomorrow morning!

So I guess Skate Cape May is over! But just the skating bit. Fundraising for the cause never really ends!

But this year's trip (hint hint, making it annual!) is over, and its odd getting back into a car know that there are so many experiences made just skating down the roads we're driving back up!
And its especially odd seeing that driving in a car back up the roads, there are so many little details that simply pass by! And I guess its the smaller details that really make longboarding as great as it is! Cruising down a highway or back country roads just leave one to be absolutely immersed in your surroundings, and I am infinitely grateful that we got to spend out last nine days skating like this!
Surely, it wasn't fun all of the time, and in truth there were many times when our skates were simply awful. But our experiences have melded into a giant pot of fun and adventure! Throughout our last week we've definitely had plenty of hilarious, exciting, and frightening experiences that we'll definitely take through with us and sharing with others for a very, very long time!

And right now I'm tired. But I'm so very, very glad!
- Edwin

Day 8: 8/17 - Northfield to Sea Isle City!

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Good afternoon everybody! It is August 17th on this tuesday night and it is the night before Skate Cape May officially ends!

You may be wondering (or not wondering) as to the meaning behind the picture above, but I'll tell you more later in this post!

For now, I'll split the post again into the skate and the lemonade stand.

Today was an absolute awful day for me, but a fine one for Danny!
His bike got another flat, and even though I said previously that he'd be biking for the next day(s), he really couldn't anymore. So halfway riding through Pleasantville he switched out to the longboard and pushed the rest of the way!
I personally only got about 16 or 17 miles out of our 25 for the day, mainly because we stopped to eat at a Wawa's and I actually got very very sick.
Like the kind of sick where I needed to throw up, and also did (multiple times unfortunately).
It escalated to a point where at the end of the 16th or 17th mile, I was literally too sick to continue. I had to be driven to Sea Isle while Danny completed the Northfield to Sea Isle leg, where I kind of helped set up but mostly laid down and tried to rest.
I was sick for a large portion of the day unfortunately, and as of now I still feel a bit sick to my stomach.

While I was resting and the lemonade stand continued, Alex's mom, Liz Scott, dropped by! It was certainly an honor to meet her, even though I only got to say hi for a moment before returning to the car. And so, when she arrived at the stand, photographs ensued, and Doug Frohock from a nearby church came by and got his picture with both Danny and Liz! And that's what you're seeing above!

Later on in my fun fun day I felt better, and joined both Brad and Jay from Original Skateboards, Liz Scott, my mom, Danny's dad, and Danny of course to an early dinner, which was certainly a fun time!

And afterwards, we all pretty much returned to the cars after a few discussions here and there, and as Liz Scott and Brad and Jay departed, we made our way to DiGenni's Centennial House to stay for the night.

Danny went to the beach, which I'm sure was fun. I took a nap!

And thats a wrap!

Tomorrow, August 18th, be sure to check us out at the Rita's of Cape May, at 707 Beach Avenue, Cape May, NJ. We'll probably arrive sometime around two or three and have our stand until about 6:30! Come on by, it'll totally be a party!

We are only one short day away from the end of Skate Cape May!
See you all in Cape May tomorrrow!
- Edwin

Day 7: 8/16 - Hammonton to Northfield!

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Welcome to Northfield!
Thank you, thank you very much.
Oh, you're very welcome.

I'm going to divide this post into two sections, the skate and the lemonade stand. Well, its not like I've organized it in any other way, I just never mention it specifically.
Well now I did. And now the post might even be a little bit easier to read!

Good afternoon gentlemen and gentleladies!

I personally woke up absolutely exhausted, and just trying to carry through the morning was quite a task for me. Even making waffles was quite a challenge.

Mine came out awful. They were torn all over the place.
I blame myself.

After the skate started, everything seemed to get a lot better. I was in some pain for the first time these seven days, but it eased off and I started to feel a little bit more energetic.
Meanwhile, Danny was still annoyed that he had to ride his bike and also because of the pain with pushing on longboard, but he seemed quite fine with pedaling the way. Even though it is on bike, its still good that he's pulling through with the distance with me!

Three guys (actually two and a lady, (Brad, Jay, and Lindsay)) from Original Skateboards came down to film us. Did you like that double parenthesis job I did there? Fancy.
Anyway, they got some super wicked footage (but not really) of us pushing up hills and cruising in static positions while cars struggled to pass us by. Whoopee!

After about a little more than halfway through our skate for the day, Danny's bike actually got a flat tire, so he decided to ride out for the last 10 miles on longboard, even though it hurt him quite a bit. He'll be back on his bike tomorrow though!

We then arrived in Northfield, where I took the super picture above!

[Now for the lemonade stand portion!]

We set up and hung out for a little while with the Original team, and for the most part we were messing around skating in the parking lot as the stand was generally slow, but with many people interested! As it turned out, a local paper in Northfield (The Current) actually ran a story about us in the paper the Thursday before, so we had some people come down for us! And we also got a great turnout! We had a $200 single donation, and made a total of $365 today! Which is great considering we only made slightly above $100 at the last two stops!
Thank you Northfield!

We also got onto NBC40, a local channel for Atlantic City! It was a very short spot and it didn't even include our website, what our event was even called, or even Danny, but its nice that they took the time to come out. I guess.

We packed after the hot day of great success and headed out to our hotel, which was a five mile skate away. Actually, we ended up leaving a little bit early because of the distance but also because there were some clouds approaching that didn't look too nice and forgiving.

As I end this post, I'm just going to recap that I'm still behind on the video!
And we actually have no video content as for yesterday or the day before, aside from video logs we made each night. Though when the Original Skateboards video of us comes out, I'll be sure to post a link here!

Tomorrow (August 17th), we'll be in Sea Isle City at Heritage Surf Shop at 3700 Landis Avenue, so be sure to check us out! We'll probably stay there until 7:00 because we're staying at a place right on the corner next to it!

Ta ta for now!
- Edwin


The above is a new chart I made for the stand! It shows how many miles we've skated one which legs of the journey on which days, as well as the amount of money we've raised at each stand (as well as the totals!)

Sorry that this post is late! Especially as I was sort of supposed to make it yesterday!
But in all honesty, yesterday's skate and lemonade stand left little to talk about. We raised a total of $111 over the course of the entire day, which we can pretty much accredit to the weather (since very few people actually came for Ritas).
There was also very little passing traffic unfortunately.
And to make matters worse, we were completely beat!
We made great time, arriving early to our stand by about half an hour, at around 2:30. (even though I forgot to tweet that we were actually there until about 4pm).
Even so, the day was very not interesting. Mind you, it wasn't boring, but it was simply repetitive and mellow of a skate (bike for Danny! and to remind you, he's also biking for the next two days because of some hip injury and strong pain).

There was a lot of pushing.
And I mean a lot.

The terrain has been getting flatter and flatter as we move south, which is unsurprising. But it wasn't exactly perfectly flat; rather, it was always either flat or the slightest bit uphill. And even so we found ourselves pushing significantly more than we normally do.

As for the stand, the traffic for our stand has also been getting slower and slower.

It also started raining, and because nobody was coming to our stand, we decided it best to head to the hotel, and leave the stand early.

We made a video log, but you won't get to see it for a while! Mind you, I'm still a bit behind on the videos (sorry!).

Anywho, I'll be writing our blog post for our day today (Hammonton to Northfield) in a few minutes!

- Edwin

Day 5: 8/14 - Hightstown to Browns Mills!

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Today was a day of pushing!

The terrain has been starting to flatten out, and so we've found ourselves pushing significantly more than we had near the more hilly areas of northern NJ.
Its our fifth day and according to our log, we've skated about 120 miles, not including the distances we skate to hotels and places to eat. We've also made around $1,400 total from our lemonade stands so far.

Our day of skating was, like I said previously, full of pushing. The sun came out and it was beautiful, although the sun was a bit...sunny, but not so much that the temperature rose obnoxiously. It was overall a pleasant ride. We passed a lot of farmland and vast fields, which was absolutely beautiful with the clouds in the sky. On the side of the road, we also passed a bush of wild grapes that Danny spotted, and we tried a couple! They were great - it seems we have a tendency to find fruit on our journey!

Upon our arrival at Browns Mills, we were actually pleasantly surprised that the Rita's sign actually had been proclaiming our arrival that day! But even so, very few came for our stand. The day was incredibly slow and almost nobody (save one or two people) knew who we were or what we were doing. Explaining our event takes a while but it was awesome to see some people genuinely interested in our cause and our event!

As for the outcome of the lemonade stand, it was the least we've made so far, as we raised $109 over the course of 4 hours. Not nearly as much as we would've liked but no matter, every amount helps to make a difference!

I'm going to apologize right now for not being diligent with the video updates. As day 5 closes, I've only managed to edit the video logs and video montages for Day 2! I'll be sure to try and finish the montage and vlog for Day 3 tonight and maybe even try to start the two for Day 4.
You'll be able to find our montages and video logs on our youtube channel:

We didn't take as many pictures today, but you can still see them on our facebook at:

Thanks for reading! We'll be seeing you all in Hammonton tomorrow, where you'll be able to find us at the Rita's Water Ice at 10 North White Horse Pike, Hammonton NJ. This ones going to be one of our more difficult skates (as it'll be 33 miles as opposed to our typical 20-25 mile skates), but I'm sure we'll pull through!

Goodnight everybody, and I hope you have a great day tomorrow!
- Edwin

Day 4: 8/13 - Hillsborough to Hightstown!

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[We were in the Star Ledger and the Daily Record today! Check it out:

Today was our fourth day on our trip and I definitely have to say it was a great one! Even if it was Friday the 13th!
Though we had been expecting rain, we were graciously blessed with a perfect temperature that wasn't too hot or too cool, as well as a lot of sun and best of all, no rain!
Our day started off with some navigational problems (we missed our first turn and had to turn back!) but no matter, the rest of the day went generally smoothly! On that note, it was great to have a route that was completely paved with not dirt trails to be seen!
In fact, we were treated to Canal Street, which had to be a mile of pure pavement bliss, since it was pretty much the smoothest road we've ever been on, and as an added bonus it was next to a river/canal!

The roads were, for the most part, rather empty. They were also relatively flat or with mild uphills, so we found ourselves pushing for a great deal, but it certainly beat walking up long steep hills with a lot of traffic!

Danny was actually in a bit of pain today, as he had some problems with pushing and walking due to some sharp pains in his hip region (which resolved themselves later that day!).

On the way, we saw a lot of beautiful fields and the clouds in the sky were great! We also stopped in one neighborhood for watermelon, which we bought whole. Since there weren't any knives, Danny split the watermelon in two and we ate the watermelon like that.
And it was delicious.
We even offered it to a passing jogger who accepted some watermelon chunks we broke off! We're always charitable.

Afterwards, we were running a bit late on our schedule (at least by my standards) and arrived at the Rita's sometime after 3pm, with the stand already set up by our parents.
Our stand was actually very slow, and very few actually knew what we were doing beforehand, so I guessed the media attention hasn't reached as much further down south. But all in all, we made $225 at the stand thanks to the donations of passerbys and Rita's customers! So far though, its been our second least successful stand (the most being our preliminary stand).

Despite everything, we still carried on!

A problem that we discussed though was our actual donation count. Though we've been saying that we've raised over $7,000, we actually found out today that our total donated money was actually in the upper $5,000's. Sorry for any confusion!

Due to the slowness of the stand, we actually ended up keeping up our stand much later, up to about 7 or 7:30pm. Which meant that we were skating to our hotel, at Holiday Inn on the highway shoulder in the dark, which was a bit frightening, but still we were careful and made it out alive. Phew!

And now I'm sitting here finishing this post as it approaches 1pm, hoping that I'll be able to get some sleep tonight especially for tomorrow!

So the deal for tomorrow is this:
We'll be skating over to Browns Mills, NJ tomorrow, and holding our stand at the Ritas Water Ice at 21 Juliustown Road, Browns Mills, NJ, with our arrival sometime around 2 or 3pm (find out when we approach by following our twitter!)
Our stand will be up until about 7pm, so be sure to check us out!

I'm also very behind on video day montages and video logs, so I'll be hoping to post some more tomorrow night!

As for pictures, you can find our photo albums on facebook:
Today's album for Hillsborough to Hightstown can be found here:

Yesterday's album for Chester to Hillsborough can be found here:

Our photo albums will be constantly updated since uploading our photos is a lot easier than editing for our montages! So definitely keep coming back since I'll be adding more photo albums as the days progress!
To keep posted on our video logs and montages, check out our youtube channel at!

See you all later in Browns Mills!
- Edwin

Day 3: 8/12 - Chester to Hillsborough!

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Today was our third day, where we skated from Chester to Hillsborough. And it was a day full of dirt and rain.

We spent the second half of the morning (about 5 miles!) on a completely dirt road with no feasible way to go around without adding a great many miles. It was a bit frustrating but we managed anyway! Pushing on a dirt and gravel road was certainly not a fun experience.
There was rain all afternoon, so we had to push through the rain for about 10 miles. It ranged from a small drizzle to a great downpour, so we donned our ponchos to skate. Our shoes and boards were completely covered and soaked with water but no matter, we skated on!
While we were skating on the road in the rain, we were actually stopped by the police. Except we were stopped because the officer actually found out what we were doing and wanted to tell us that we were doing a good job! Which was awesome!
He also made a donation and we gave him a shirt for his support!

We got to the Rita's of Hillsborough when the rain stopped, and set up our tent!
Colin Taylor (our magnificent sponsor manager!) was there, and he came to hang out and deliver a care package from Red Bull, containing a six pack of Red Bull! Very awesome!
While there, we met up with a reporter from the Star Ledger, who took video interviews of us all during our stand and took a lot of footage as well! It was great fun having her around!

Later on as the stand was coming to a close, I went to skate down to Prime Skate Shop, where I met a bunch of awesome skaters who had read about what we were doing! It was pretty awesome seeing them there, and they helped us by hooking me up with a helmet since mine was a bit old the foam was actually about to fall out.
Its a really cool shop so if you're ever in the Hillsborough area, definitely go and check them out!

I skated back to our stand and helped move the lemonade materials into the next car, and it turned out we actually raised a great amount of money!
A lot of people came specifically for us since hearing about what we were doing in the news, and many came to buy tshirts or even just lemonade! And there were many donations by those who didn't know what we were doing already!
Even so, it was raining, and the day was rather slow, which is why we were surprised that we made about $320!

Be sure to check us out as we skate out to Hightstown tomorrow! (August 13th!)
We'll be stopping at the Rita's sometime in the afternoon and staying there until about 6:30pm! You can find us at 9 Princeton Hightstown Road, Hightstown, NJ.

Be sure to check out our video logs and video montages from each day! They can be found at!

Have a great night!
- Edwin

(the above is a shot of Danny walking through Sussex Branch Trail)

Hi everybody!
Sorry for not making a post yesterday, I've been trying to make posts on the daily but we were unfortunately unable to get internet access where we stayed last night.

It was an awful day in the physical and mental sense (in all honesty). The day was incredibly hot and our path was comprised of a great deal (actually almost completely) of extremely steep uphills with no shade or extremely busy highways with no shoulders facing traffic. To make matters worse, we were set a bit off track as we were forced to walk through Sussex Branch Trail, which was essentially a dirt path reserved mainly for bikes and pedestrians. Though we were supposed to walk down it for four miles, we only walked a mile before making a lengthy detour to where we needed to go. Despite everything, we got through what was probably our most difficult day (so far!) and were treated with a lengthy downhill going down US. 206 towards the Chester ShopRite. Along the way, we stopped by a convenience store and were actually photographed and filmed by the Daily Record, which was a great experience!

As for the lemonade stand, it was an extreme success! And surprisingly more successful than our first lemonade stand! We made a total $480 from the lemonade stand, which was greatly helped by our shirt sales and general donations! Even better, we got $200 in the mail! In total, we raised $680!

Even though it wasn't exactly enjoyable for us, it was a good day for Skate Cape May as a whole!
- Edwin

Day 1: High Point State Park to Newton!

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Hey there!

Today was our first legitimate lemonade stand in our first town: Newton, NJ.
But first we backtrack to High Point State Park, where we started!
We met up with the Original Skateboards Crew there, where they filmed us doing some small bits at the hill just in front of the High Point State monument. We also met up with a reporter from the New Jersey Herald, who was interested in doing a story about us! From there, we skated down from the monument, out of the park, and into the open road!
The Original team was behind us for a good long portion of our trip! They were filming us for a great part of our journey! Though there were some tricky parts, especially as the hills near High Point are a bit treacherous, we managed to get through them anyway! Even if that meant walking down a particularly steep hill.
Along the way, we were actually stopped by a police officer, but after telling him what we were doing, he let us off with a warning and the suggestion to be careful.

Leaving High Point State Park at about 10:30, we arrived in Newton at about 2:00, meaning that we essentially had only taken about three hours, considering we had also stopped for ice cream on a place on the side of the road!

After checking in, we secured our belongings and had what was possibly the most incredible lemonade stand ever! Thanks to Original Skateboards, most of their employees and the co-owner, Brad, all got our to help support our cause! Though our lemonade stand was in Newton Square, with very little pedestrian traffic, they helped bring the lemonade out to the street to sell to oncoming traffic that had to stop at a traffic light.
The whole thing was rather awesome! We had probably a dozen people with crafty plywood signs proclaiming lemonade and our cause, weaving in and out of traffic to deliver lemonade and collect donations.
After a reasonably short 3 hours of lemonade selling, we made a grand total of $350!

Aside from the lemonade, we also received two CamelBak Backpacks to use on our journey, as well as 10 cases of SmartWater (though we only decided to retrieve four). Again, all thanks to Colin, who has been an incredible help to us!

We are definitely looking forward to our next skate tomorrow, where we'll be leaving Newton at 10am to hold our next stand in Chester from 5-8pm.
Our stand will be located on the Shoprite in Chester off of US. 206!

Thanks for all of the support!

To see a collection of photos we took today, visit our Facebook Photo Album:

To see our most recent video log or montage, visit our youtube channel at:
(In all honesty, the Day 1 Vlog is awful!)

- Edwin

This is it!

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It was awesome to see that we were on 101.5 today!
If you missed it, check it out here:

Skate Cape May begins in less than 12 hours! 11 hours, specifically!
We'll be driving up to High Point State Park and we'll be there at 9:00 am, and we'll also be leaving the park at 10:00 am. If anyone wants to come to meet us or see us off, feel free! We'll be entering the park at 1480 State Rt. 23, Sussex NJ.

We've also got shirts ready!

Apologies for the poor quality, as it was taken with my laptop's webcam. They come in both purple and white, and they'll be for sale at our lemonade stands! Be sure to check them out and purchase one to help support the cause!

There's not much to say, but there's so much to do!
We're in for a long but most definitely exciting week!

And don't forget to keep posted! We'll be posting video logs, videos, and pictures from each day!

- Edwin

What an incredible day! I have personally never been so relived, especially as all of our planning has been complete and it appears we are all set so far as lodging and places to set up lemonade stands!

We've found out our first lemonade stand location, and it is the "Square" in Newton, which is essentially a park. I couldn't find an exact address for it, but it is on Park Place, Newton, NJ. Doing a Google Maps search for "Newton, NJ" leads directly to it!

Though we'll be purchasing hotels, we have also found two more places to stay. Thanks to DiGennis Centennial Guest House, we have a night free of charge in Sea Isle City, which is incredibly awesome! So in recognition I decided to put them in the sidebar. We'll also be staying at Princeton University with a friend of my cousin's!

Amazingly enough, we also are also getting SmartWater donated to us, as well as CamelBak Backpacks! All thanks to Colin Taylor, who I mentioned before for finding us a shirt sponsor!

As of now, it appears we're pretty much set for the next 10 days. Its going to be quite exciting no doubt!

To all those reading now, check out "The Route" to find the exact addresses of where we'll be setting up and visiting in each town!

Its been a hectic few months of planning, but thank you all so much for the support and helping us do this!

- Edwin

ShopRite! But an unfortunate amount of progress..

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Only three days until Skate Cape May!

Its unfortunate but as of today, very little has been made in terms of progress.
Probably the biggest plus of today was securing ShopRite of Chester as one of our lemonade stand locations, meaning we have a total of 7 out of 9 locations confirmed, with Newton hazy and Heritage Surf Shop being a very likely candidate.
* As for a suggestion by my mom, we may call the Sussex County Library in Newton tomorrow as to whether we could set up a stand there.

As for places to stay, we began calling and emailing various hotels, but to no avail. We also started to call churches but none were available since nobody would pick up, likely because there was nobody there today. We will thus be calling tomorrow hopefully to speak with someone there.

We're especially worried about finding places to stay in Hillsborough, Browns Mills, and Hammonton, as in several other places my mother has actually placed fallback hotel reservations in case we cannot find anywhere else to stay. The three towns mentioned above are troublesome because their rates are either too high or too far away from our lemonade stand locations.

If anyone can help us find a place to stay, help us out by contacting us at!

We'll see what progress we can make tomorrow!
- Edwin

The first thing that I want to say is that we have confirmed lemonade stand locations in 6 of our 9 towns! Each of them at the Rita's locations in Hillsborough, Hightstown, Browns Mills, Hammonton, Northfield, and Cape May!
I'll be posting the exact addresses on "the route" page, so be sure to check it out!

JC's Grill House will also be having a fundraiser for us on Tuesday, August 10th, where 10% of your bill will be donated to our cause if you mention that you're there for Skate Cape May. For more information, see the flyer HERE.

We also might be setting up a stand at Heritage Surf Shop in Sea Isle City, but right now that's tentative and once it's confirmed I'll put up an address.

Uniserv Advertising is also donating 75 shirts to us! We'll most likely receive them around next Thursday, August 12th.

I also want to take this post to thank Colin Taylor, who has been helping us out by ways of contacting sponsors and local businesses. It was actually because of him that we got the fundraiser at JC's Grill House, Heritage Surf Shop, and the shirts from Uniserv Advertising!
If you're reading this, thank you!

We're still struggling to find places to stay, and we're going to be contacting churches in the area as well hoping they'll let us stay the night. In the worst case scenario, we may have to book rooms in towns where we have no lodging.

Until tomorrow!
- Edwin

It's been an extremely busy day, and its been an incredible one at that!

This is going to be a particularly long post, so I apologize for that!

We started off our day waking up early to do another live radio interview at WRNJ, which went spectacularly! Afterwards, we both skated into town so Danny could get a haircut, and we actually were on the radio as we walked in! Surreal!

Afterwards, we embarked on a smallish journey from Hackettstown to Original Skateboards, located in Newton. We took County Road 517 and then to County Road 603 eventually turning into County Road 606 and then US-206N.
The first leg of the journey was incredibly painful, particularly because it was a relatively steep uphill and there was an insane amount of traffic. But along the way we visited M&M Mars to see if they'd like to help us out by making some kind of donation, but turned out they could only donate candy to us. Despite their offer, we turned it down, but the people received us great and were also supportive of what we were doing!

Airport Road (Co Road 603) was an incredible experience, and I started to see the great adventure and exploration aspect of longboarding. The road was essentially deserted save for the occasional car, making it easy to navigate indeed. I thought one of the greatest aspects of it was being able to explore this new area and see the beautiful scenery! Large open fields, huge pretty lakes and the open sky! It was an absolutely wonderful skate, and I think its one of those things that you'd have to go slowly to take in; something that you can't really capture just driving down the road quickly.
We also passed Cahill Farm, which had a wonderful quaint little self-serve farmer's market! We stopped in and bought some peaches and we were both absolutely surprised and touched at how places like this could trust in the customer with an open money box, and it was just incredible to take in this spectacularly friendly vibe of the area! We both left notes saying how much we appreciated the kind of trust and friendliness, perhaps completely normal in the area but very new for us!

And it was really at this moment that we realized that this trip is going to be a lot more fun than we had anticipated! We're both very much looking forward to the adventuring part now!

We arrived at Original Skateboards in Newton and we were met by an incredibly friendly atmosphere as we chatted with a bunch of the people who worked there! It certainly wasn't what we had expected, since we sort of thought of a typical decorated skateshop, but instead we found a very down to earth workshop and offices, which gave us this great vibe. They were very excited about our arrival and about what we were doing, and actually mentioned that Original was taking an approach towards helping out nonprofit organizations which is very cool!
Later, we were shown around the workshop and we got to see where all of the action happened! And afterwards we were also interviewed, which may be available soon once I can find out where it'll be posted. We also might be doing a sort of video collaboration with Original, since they're able to help out and get our event out to the longboarding community!

Original then generously donated two very nice completes (Apex 37s) as well as two packs of some very expensive top quality bearings (Bones Swiss Bearings!), a shirt for each of us, and posters! We honestly had not expected the immense support from the company and we're delighted to see Original so involved in our nonprofit work and the community. Though Original longboards (because of their trucks) have a fun but distinct ride, we'll have to get more accustomed to it, but we will most probably be riding their equipment during the skate!
I'll also be adding a sponsors page either tonight or tomorrow to recognize all of the businesses or companies that have donated equipment or made donations.

I've also heard back from the representative from Rita's and they said that we'll definitely be able to set up lemonade stands in front of their shops! So we have a guaranteed six stops with places to set up our lemonade stands. I'll be giving them additional details tomorrow, and afterwards I will be posting their addresses and what day we'll be there so you can follow us or come down and visit when we're there!
There are some problems however. Though we have the majority of spots for lemonade stands, we are currently unable to secure spots in three locations: Newton, Chester, and Sea Isle City. We visited the Shoprite in Newton today but we were essentially turned down as we did not have the sufficient paperwork and because it required a signature from a representative from Alex's Lemonade Stand itself. Even so, Original Skateboards said that they have contacts throughout Newton and will be helping us find a location for us to sell!

On a final note, we were also interviewed for Free Times in Cape May, and so look out for an article on us there!

Its been an exciting day! Thanks for reading this monster of a post!
- Edwin

FiOs 1 News, WMBC, WRNJ, Shirts!

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Apologies for the lack of post yesterday!
But to sum up what did happen, we were visited by Jessica from FiOs 1 News. It was all very sudden, but all was good and the shoot was easy and a lot of fun! We even got her on one of our longboards! Below is a small picture of our trio:

Expect to see our spot sometime tomorrow (Wed, August 4) on FiOS 1 News! I'll be seeing if I can actually get a clip off of their website and post it on our youtube channel.

Tomorrow, we'll be doing an interview with WMBC, and I'll be posting more information as to what will be happening with that!
Also tomorrow, we'll be doing a radio interview with WRNJ at 5:40, so be sure to tune in!

We're also working on getting Skate Cape May shirts done by a local company based in Chester, called Branded Screen Printing. There'll only be around 50 shirts made! When they get made, I'll be sure to update you guys on it. I'll also be setting up a shirt shop with Spreadshirt, so you can purchase said shirts online! (A portion of the online shirt sale will be given to us, and we'll be donating all of such money).

We still need some places to stay in each town but Newton (Chester, Hillsborough, Hightstown, Browns Mills, Hammonton, Northfield, Sea Isle City, and Cape May), and if anyone is able to help out at all just contact us at!

I'll see you kids later!
- Edwin

Route Adjustment and Lemonade Stands!

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No post yesterday! Apologies for that, but in truth little to nothing really happened that would need me to update you guys on specifically!

I've spent the majority of this afternoon looking for places where we can set up our lemonade stands in each town, while Danny is currently looking for places to stay up and down NJ. As of yet, I've found 6 Rita's locations out of 9 towns we're going to be passing through, and since someone from ALSF has contacted me saying that we could stop at the Rita's, they're strong considerations. Especially as Rita's is a huge support of the Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation!

But also after looking at places to stay, we're adjusting one of our stops, namely the Egg Harbor Township stop. Since we were at a loss of both where to stay and where to set up, we've decided to move our seventh stop to Northfield, NJ.

I'll be updating the route page with the change, and also expect to see an address as to where we'll be stopping as soon as they're confirmed!

Have a marvelous day!
- Edwin

So much to say!

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We've got a lot of progress today, especially with publicity!
Probably one of the biggest things to happen for us today was us being on News 12 New Jersey. I don't actually have their channel (as it is for cable only) but I did a screencapture of their live feed, and I've uploaded it to the newly formed Skate Cape May Youtube Channel. Check it out below:

Very cool! I admit that I was a bit nervous (well actually very nervous) for this, especially since I didn't actually know it would be for television! But thanks to Dawn and Danny (cameraman, not skater!) for making it an easy experience for Danny and I. It was actually surprisingly pleasant!
Hopefully we've been able to reach out to plenty of people and spread awareness of our cause!
If you're reading this now, Thank you once again Dawn and Danny!

There's still been quite an aftershock from the original Star Ledger article, as many more people are requesting interviews and we're also receiving many emails from wonderful people just showing their support, and I'm extremely grateful for that!
This next week will most certainly be a busy one, especially in preparation for Skate Cape May itself.

Aside from the media, I've also made some changes to the site itself. You might have noticed the new twitter widget on the side-bar, as I've created a Twitter for Skate Cape May for us to tweet of all of our doings and during our trip itself! Be sure to follow us!
You can find our twitter at

I've also created a Youtube Channel (which is how I uploaded the video above).
You can find it at

Danny's also made a grand suggestion to determine where we'll be staying. He's suggested that we use an RV to stay in at each stop, and I'm seriously considering it as it seems like a good idea. But we'll have to lock it in later this weekend, so keep posted; we may still need places to stay.

We've still got a lot ahead of us, but things are looking pretty good.
Until tomorrow,
- Edwin

Theres so much to say today; so expect a longer post later tonight!

Until then however, I want to say that we were interviewed today by News 12 New Jersey, and we'll be on TV sometime at around 6:20 and at 7:45!
Be sure to check us out!
And if you don't have News 12, you can watch the channel live streaming off of their website:

(Click on New Jersey, and then find the Watch News 12 Live Button, which can be found under the video clip in the middle of the page!)
I'll also be recording it online so if you miss it, I may have it saved and if I do, it'll be up later!

We've also got a twitter running, and I'm also adding an "about us" page, and I'll also be making some small website changes.

It's a busy day, I'll update later tonight!
- Edwin

You can find the twitter at! I'll be tweeting as often as I can on short blips of our progress (interviews and the like!)

News Coverage!

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My my my!

We've gotten a pretty large amount of publicity from the media, especially thanks to the Star Ledger! Plenty of emails have been coming in just to tell us that we're doing great and I'm very happy that our event is reaching out to so many people!

You can check us out in the news on the Star Ledger Website!

Both Danny and I were also interviewed by WCBS radio and we've also got a blip of an article online! You can find it here:

We also have been interviewed by the Messenger-Gazette, and hopefully our article will reach out to more people in the NJ area!

To boot, we've even been receiving some recognition by the Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation itself! And I'm very grateful for that, so thank you so much!
Tomorrow, we're also going to be interviewed by News 12, so we'll hope to do well on that!

My laptop should be arriving tomorrow (my computer has actually been broken for a while), and with it I'll be able to add a couple things to the site. Among them, a twitter site, an "about us" page, and some minor graphical tweaks. I'll also be adding a sort of "mission statement" bit to the top and a Table making clear when we're stopping in each town.

Until tomorrow!

- Edwin

Lemonade Stand Results

Posted by Edwin Wednesday, July 28, 2010 3 comments

We had our first lemonade stand today in front of Rita's in its new Hackettstown location. I successfully delivered graphic'd longboard to Danny and we set up our stand!
After about three and a half hours of selling, we made $140 total! All from selling lemonade for 50 cents a cup, $2 wristbands, as well as donations from passerbys. To all those reading this post after finding out about us after the lemonade stand, thank you for your support!
We've also been informed that our story will most likely be printed in the Star-Ledger newspaper tomorrow! So look out for us in tomorrow's issue :)

Its been a pretty productive day!
- Edwin

Deck Graphic, Lemonade Stands, WRNJ!

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Well, I just finished doing the deck graphic for the donated Kracked Skulls Scimitar, and it came out wonderfully clean! Although there is some bleeding of the paint, its minor and not really a big deal. I apologize for the less than wonderful picture, at the moment I only have access to the webcam on this computer and the purple NJ didn't stand out nearly as well as it does in real life.

Danny and I were interviewed by two very nice men from Star-Ledger today! We had photos taken of us and the interview went wonderfully, at least I hope so! It was a bit nervous for it but it was much easier to talk than anticipated. Hope to see us soon in the news! :D

We'll also be interviewed on the 5:40 show on WRNJ (a local radio station, 92.7 and 104.7FM and 1510AM) on August 4th! I'll make a post later on to remind you guys to tune in :)

Afterwards, we made some signs and gathered lemonade stand materials. For all readers in the Hackettstown area, make sure to visit Ritas tomorrow (July 28) at 5pm as we have our first lemonade stand! We'll be selling cups of lemonade for 50 cents each as well as our Skate Cape May for ALSF wristbands for $2 each! Come along and help support our cause!

This entire event is starting to come together rather quickly! We're in for a busy two weeks!

Catch you later,
- Edwin


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Sorry I haven't updated in quite some time! Its been about 4 weeks and I've been away at camp and unable to check up on the site. But I'm back now so expect frequent updates!

While I was away, William Yowell from Kracked Skulls Longboards kindly sent us a free Scimitar deck, which we will be stenciling with the Skate Cape May logo. (When it has been stenciled, I'll post up pictures!)
I want to thank Kracked Skulls for the support and we'll be featuring his board at the stops we'll make!

Danny's mom has also emailed me saying that we were being featured in Black River Journal, and its excellent that we're starting to get more publicity!

Danny and I are also going to be interviewed by the Star Ledger tomorrow so this is culminating into a pretty exciting adventure!

This Wednesday, for those living in the Hackettstown/Long Valley/Chester area, we will be having a lemonade stand before the actual event to raise awareness and raise additional funds.

Until another update, I'm signing off!

- Edwin

Route Redone:

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I spent a good portion of this morning scouting parts of the route just south of Chester, so as to see the road conditions and if it was indeed safe for us to be skateboarding.

As it turned out, the MapQuest route led us into some pretty treacherous roads, sometimes calling for us to cross two to three lanes of highway traffic to make a turn or asking us to go up ramps and roundabouts we thought were normally reserved for cars only. There were also some stretches of road where there existed no shoulder on very busy roads.
I took the liberty of creating a new map using Google Maps, and said route will be going through each town as planned and will also be 6 miles shorter. Thanks to Google Streetview, we can survey the roads from the comfort of our computer screens.

For a detailed route description, Click Here.

- Edwin

First Draft Shirts!

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Thanks to Cris W. for making us some demo shirts!
We asked her to make two shirts so we could consider possible design ideas, and she followed through wonderfully! The Shirts are Below:

^click for full size!^
^click for full size!^

The first shirt has the quote "You cannot plough a field by turning it over in your mind" and the second quotes "To accomplish great things, we must dream as well as act."
As we find sponsors, we will be adding their logos onto the back.
We also may either combine the two quotes on one shirt or perhaps make one or two different models, possibly in different colorways (hints to white, yellow, and royal blue).
When the shirts are to be made, they will be made by a professional company.

Be on the lookout for some rad shirts!
- Edwin

Coming Soon!

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Aye, this event is rushing closer and closer!
We've been in the process of planning this for quite a while, and all we need is to finish planning some smaller details and paint a beautiful finishing sheen all over it.

We have the route planned out now! Its gone through several revisions already, but they are generally similar. Our route can be found on the sidebar, and you can find more details about it by clicking either "The Route" or the link below the map.
All credit to Danny for planning out the map! He's a champion.

Courtesy of Danny as well, we have purchased Skate Cape May wristbands with writing that says "Skate Cape May for ALSF." We will be selling these at our school, as well as during our fundraising tour.

We are also on the lookout for any business to sponsor us, perhaps through a donation or purchase of advertising space. We'll need a good amount of publicity if we want this to be a successful fundraiser!

Good night, America!

Welcome to Skate Cape May 2010!

Posted by Edwin Thursday, June 10, 2010 3 comments

Welcome to the official website/blog for Skate Cape May!

But what is Skate Cape May exactly?

Well, in short, Skate Cape May is a 200 mile fundraising skateboard trek from High Point State Park to Cape May.

Throughout our journey, we will be visiting various towns in New Jersey to spread awareness of childhood cancer, as well as collect donations, sell t-shirts, wristbands, and lemonade.
All of the money we acquire will be donated thus to Alex's Lemonade Stand, a foundation for the funding of childhood cancer research.
(A link to the website and our donation page can be found on the sidebar! -> )

The purpose of this blog is to update you on all plans, fundraisers, and the journey itself!
Keep on the lookout for updates and future blog posts!

Have a jolly day!
-Edwin Zhang


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For Skate Cape May 2011 we're hoping to have more community involvement by having people come skate with us for certain legs of the journey!

The idea behind it is that we'll have people joining us along our journey to come skate with us from one town to the next, which will be anywhere from 25 to up to 35 miles. We'll be charging $25-30 per participant to donate towards Alex's Lemonade Stand, and you'll also get a Skate Cape May 2011 shirt!

The Dates for Skate Cape May 2011 are as follows:

8/10/11 : Beginning in High Point State Park, Stopping in Newton, NJ

8/11/11 : Skating to Chester, NJ

8/12/11 : Hightstown, NJ

8/13/11 : Toms River, NJ

8/14/11 : Little Egg Harbor Township, NJ

8/15/11 : Northfield, NJ

8/16/11 : Cape May, NJ

To sign-up for a spot, copy and paste the following form, fill it out, and email it to us at!

Date of Birth:
Email Address:
Phone Number (Cell or Home):
Emergency Contact Number:
Days You Want to Participate:
Years Skateboarding/Longboarding:

After providing the above information, we will email you a waiver of liability form for you to print out, sign, and give to us when we leave for a town. If you are under 18, you will be required to have your parent/guardian sign you off. Otherwise, we ask that you present a valid driver's license or some other kind of photo id if you are 18 or older.


How do I meet up at a certain town?

Depending on the day, we will be leaving from a hotel/church/place we slept as early as 7:30am to as late as 10am, depending on that day's conditions. For those interested in participating, we will contact you with more specific information as to meeting spots as we work it out.

What about the weather?

We will be skating no matter what the weather conditions are, just like last year -- whether it be beating heat or intense downpour, we've set a schedule and are sticking to it. Be prepared for any condition.

What should I bring?

The best thing to bring is lots of drinks, as you will need them! Especially since we will be on the road through the summer heat, it'd be bad if you became dehydrated and perhaps, died or something like that. Danny and I both have Camelbak backpacks with the water resevoir. I'd highly recommend something like that as it worked wonders last year. Otherwise, a backpack full of water bottles or a gallon of water would work too!
Snacks and money for food are also a good idea, as we may make stops along the way to refuel or take breaks.
If anyone becomes too worn out, we will be able to share drinks/food.

As for everything else, be sure to bring a longboard/skateboard to ride and a helmet (mandatory!). We suggest sunglasses and maybe and ipod or something to play music as we will be outside for a very, very long time.

What if I get hurt along the way?

Since we are longboarding/skateboarding on roads, and since roads also have cars, cars may or may not hit you. Ideally, they won't, but we still have to consider safety and cover all of our bases (which is why we had you sign a waiver to participate). This event can be very dangerous for the inexperienced or for those who won't be paying attention. Safety is priority for an event like this so we will be taking precaution to avoid any danger.

However, since things can always happen (small or serious injuries), we will be carrying small first aid kits (antibiotic ointment, bandaids and the like) should someone, say, fall and scrape their knee or perhaps break their leg falling out of a tree. A follow car will be available on call should anything too serious arise.

How long will I skate?

Depending on the day you will be participating, the distance skating can range anywhere from 20 miles to nearly 50 miles. A general guideline is that the last 5 days are mostly flat but are longer in distance (30-50 miles), and the first two days are a bit more hilly and will only be about 20 miles each. Last year we skated on average about 5 or 6 hours a day (including breaks). As the event is shorter this year, we will be skating even longer each day and thus leave earlier.

Can I come with you guys the entire way?

Certainly! The only issue is that we will not be able to provide you with any place to stay. Unfortunately, to attend more than one leg of our trip will mean finding a place to stay on your own and joining us again the following morning.

How many people are coming to skate?

Honestly, we have no idea how many people will be joining us.

The Route

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Our event hopes to emphasize the ability for all to do good in the community, through our own medium - longboarding. Once again, just like last year, we hope to once again push forward (literally!) in the fight against cancer!

How does it work?

We'll be skating anywhere from 20-50 miles a day from town to town, where we'll meet up with a Skate Cape May lemonade stand in that town to raise money for Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation for Childhood Cancer! See below for our current route dates and stop locations!

2011 Route:

View Larger Map

The above is the conglomerate map/routing for Skate Cape May 2011. It's planned out on Google Maps, and avoids major highways for maximum safety. You can click on "View Larger Map" to see turn by turn directions! (Note, the conglomerate map is not the exact route we'll be taking, but instead just a rough estimation. The actual directions between each town will be more finely tuned but we'll be unable to publish each one)

Our schedule for our journey will thus be as follows:

The planned stop dates were as follows:
A-B) 8/10/11 : Beginning in High Point State Park, Stopping in Newton, NJ
C) 8/11/11 : Chester, NJ
D)8/12/11 : Hightstown, NJ
E) 8/13/11 : Toms River, NJ
F) 8/14/11 : Little Egg Harbor Township, NJ
G) 8/15/11 : Northfield, NJ
H) 8/16/11 : Cape May, NJ

*Lemonade Stand Locations!

A-B) 8/10/11 : Newton, NJ

C) 8/11/11 : Chester, NJ
ShopRite Supermarket, 195 US Highway 206 S
Chester, NJ 07930-2402

D)8/12/11 : Hightstown, NJ
Rita's Italian Ice
9 Princeton-Hightstown Road, East Windsor

E) 8/13/11 : Toms River, NJ

Rita’s Italian Ice

1687 Route 9, Toms River

F) 8/14/11 : Little Egg Harbor Township, NJ
Rita's Italian Ice
695 Route 9S, Little Egg Harbor Township

G) 8/15/11 : Northfield, NJ
Rita's Italian Ice
1200 Tilton Road, Northfield, NJ

H) 8/16/11 : Cape May, NJ
Rita's Italian Ice
707 Beach Avenue, Cape May, NJ

The Skate Cape May Lemonade Stand should be up by about 1pm, but we're not sure as to exactly when we'll be arriving -- generally, around 3-5pm.

2010 Route:

View Larger Map

The above is our planned route, as created on Google Maps, and has been plotted so that we avoid any major highways to ensure safe passage during our journey. (Click View Larger Map above to see turn by turn directions!)

During our journey, we will be starting at Point A, which is High Point State Park.
We will thus be making a stop each day at each designated point.

The planned stop dates were as follows:
A-B) 8/10/10 : Beginning in High Point State Park, Stopping in Newton, NJ
C) 8/11/10 : Chester, NJ
D)8/12/10 : Hillsborough, NJ
E) 8/13/10 : Hightstown, NJ
F) 8/14/10 : Browns Mills, NJ
G) 8/15/10 : Hammonton, NJ
H) 8/16/10 : Northfield, NJ
I) 8/17/10 : Sea Isle City, NJ
J) 8/18/10 : Final stop in Cape May, NJ!

The total trip was about 210 miles, averaging about 26.25 miles traveled a day.

About Us!

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Hi, my name is Danny Brookes, and I'm one of the founders of Skate Cape May. I am 17 years old and attend West Morris Central High School. I really wanted to raise money for ALSF because I have a friend who has had her life turned upside-down, twice, because of the disease. I am very happy that Edwin and I figured out a way to help the community and do something we loved, skating. I have been skating for two years, on my beat up gravity mini-carve. I love skating and I really hope we meet our goal.


Hey, my name is Edwin Zhang! I'm also one of the founders of Skate Cape May and our dynamic duo. Like Danny, I'm also 17 years old and attending West Morris Central High School. I've been skateboarding for about two and a half odd years, and I do a bit of "normal" skateboarding but I am also extremely passionate about longboarding, though it is not nearly as popular as skateboarding. I'm quite pleased that through this fundraiser we were able to include something that I loved - skateboarding - and use it to help out in raising funds for Childhood Cancer Research. Such a cause has indeed hit home for me, as my cousin was diagnosed with leukemia in kindergarten. Though he's better now, it just goes to show how Childhood Cancer is indeed worthwhile and more prevalent than we might think.


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2011 Sponsors:

What is ‘Aina? ‘Aina is Hawaiian for land or earth. Pronounced “eye-nah”

Malama ‘Aina; caring for the land. It’s what we all should strive to do. Every little change makes a difference and helps to protect our playground Earth. ‘Aina’s commitment to protecting the environment is more than just eco-friendly clothing, it’s about conservation, consuming less. The less we take from our planet makes it more enjoyable when we get to do the things that inspire and stoke us whatever they may be.

Thanks to Aina Clothing for donating some shirts and hats! Very much appreciated!


Thanks to Paris Trucks and Divine Wheel Co, both from Resourcedist for supporting us with trucks and wheels to use and raffle off during our journey!

Vox Footwear is a skateboarding shoe company established in 2005 based out of Vista, California. Be sure to take a look around the website for updates, news about Vox, and to gear up!
Thanks to Vox Footwear for donating some shoes for the trip!

Colorado-based Mile High Skates is helping our cause by providing us with their award-winning bearings!

We make headphones for the person who expects their gear to look good, work good, and make you feel good about being part of a brand that cares.


Thanks to Kracked Skulls Longboards for donating two decks that we will be using for Skate Cape May, especially for its repeat contribution!

Function Drinks is a line of great-tasting, highly functional dietary supplements. Created by a team of renowned physicians, Function utilizes natural, powerful ingredients to support your active lifestyle.
Thanks to Function Drinks for being the drink sponsor for our trip!

Thanks to Daddies Board Shop for even more bearings and their shop's ceramic bearings!

2010 Sponsors:

Thanks to Kracked Skulls Longboards for being the first to donate us a deck, which we now have with our Skate Cape May Logo!

Many thanks to Original Skateboards for supplying us with longboard equipment! They graciously donated an insane amount of gear, among them two new Apex 37 completes with Orangatang Stimulus wheels, two packs of extremely high quality bearings, maintenance kits, and a shirt for each of us! Eternal thanks to Original, they've been extremely helpful! We'll be riding their boards on this trip!

Also thanks to JC's Grill House, who will be holding a fundraiser for us when we stop in Newton, NJ on August 10th. You can find more information HERE. To those visiting JC's Grill House on August 10th, be sure to mention Skate Cape May and 10% of your food bill will be donated to our cause! They're located on 144 Spring Street, Newton, NJ, and be sure to check them out!

Thanks to Rita's Ice for supporting the Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation and also us! They are after all allowing us to set up lemonade stands in 6 of the 9 stops!

Also thanks to UNISERV Advertising for donating 75 Skate Cape May shirts that we should be receiving sometime this coming Thursday (August 12)!

Thanks to CamelBak for donating backpacks which we'll be wearing on our journey!

Thanks to Smartwater for donating about 10 cases of water to hydrate us on our adventure!

Thanks to DiGenni's Centennial Guest House for offering us a free night in Sea Isle City!

Thanks to Holiday Inn Express for supporting us with a free night in Newton, NJ!

Skate Cape May is a 200+ mile skateboarding journey from the top of New Jersey (High Point) to the bottom (Cape May) with the intent to raise funds for Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation for Childhood Cancer Research. Last year, we received an award as a Top 100 Fundraiser for 2010 for ALSF!

Click Here for more detailed information!