So much to say!

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We've got a lot of progress today, especially with publicity!
Probably one of the biggest things to happen for us today was us being on News 12 New Jersey. I don't actually have their channel (as it is for cable only) but I did a screencapture of their live feed, and I've uploaded it to the newly formed Skate Cape May Youtube Channel. Check it out below:

Very cool! I admit that I was a bit nervous (well actually very nervous) for this, especially since I didn't actually know it would be for television! But thanks to Dawn and Danny (cameraman, not skater!) for making it an easy experience for Danny and I. It was actually surprisingly pleasant!
Hopefully we've been able to reach out to plenty of people and spread awareness of our cause!
If you're reading this now, Thank you once again Dawn and Danny!

There's still been quite an aftershock from the original Star Ledger article, as many more people are requesting interviews and we're also receiving many emails from wonderful people just showing their support, and I'm extremely grateful for that!
This next week will most certainly be a busy one, especially in preparation for Skate Cape May itself.

Aside from the media, I've also made some changes to the site itself. You might have noticed the new twitter widget on the side-bar, as I've created a Twitter for Skate Cape May for us to tweet of all of our doings and during our trip itself! Be sure to follow us!
You can find our twitter at

I've also created a Youtube Channel (which is how I uploaded the video above).
You can find it at

Danny's also made a grand suggestion to determine where we'll be staying. He's suggested that we use an RV to stay in at each stop, and I'm seriously considering it as it seems like a good idea. But we'll have to lock it in later this weekend, so keep posted; we may still need places to stay.

We've still got a lot ahead of us, but things are looking pretty good.
Until tomorrow,
- Edwin

Theres so much to say today; so expect a longer post later tonight!

Until then however, I want to say that we were interviewed today by News 12 New Jersey, and we'll be on TV sometime at around 6:20 and at 7:45!
Be sure to check us out!
And if you don't have News 12, you can watch the channel live streaming off of their website:

(Click on New Jersey, and then find the Watch News 12 Live Button, which can be found under the video clip in the middle of the page!)
I'll also be recording it online so if you miss it, I may have it saved and if I do, it'll be up later!

We've also got a twitter running, and I'm also adding an "about us" page, and I'll also be making some small website changes.

It's a busy day, I'll update later tonight!
- Edwin

You can find the twitter at! I'll be tweeting as often as I can on short blips of our progress (interviews and the like!)

News Coverage!

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My my my!

We've gotten a pretty large amount of publicity from the media, especially thanks to the Star Ledger! Plenty of emails have been coming in just to tell us that we're doing great and I'm very happy that our event is reaching out to so many people!

You can check us out in the news on the Star Ledger Website!

Both Danny and I were also interviewed by WCBS radio and we've also got a blip of an article online! You can find it here:

We also have been interviewed by the Messenger-Gazette, and hopefully our article will reach out to more people in the NJ area!

To boot, we've even been receiving some recognition by the Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation itself! And I'm very grateful for that, so thank you so much!
Tomorrow, we're also going to be interviewed by News 12, so we'll hope to do well on that!

My laptop should be arriving tomorrow (my computer has actually been broken for a while), and with it I'll be able to add a couple things to the site. Among them, a twitter site, an "about us" page, and some minor graphical tweaks. I'll also be adding a sort of "mission statement" bit to the top and a Table making clear when we're stopping in each town.

Until tomorrow!

- Edwin

Lemonade Stand Results

Posted by Edwin Wednesday, July 28, 2010 3 comments

We had our first lemonade stand today in front of Rita's in its new Hackettstown location. I successfully delivered graphic'd longboard to Danny and we set up our stand!
After about three and a half hours of selling, we made $140 total! All from selling lemonade for 50 cents a cup, $2 wristbands, as well as donations from passerbys. To all those reading this post after finding out about us after the lemonade stand, thank you for your support!
We've also been informed that our story will most likely be printed in the Star-Ledger newspaper tomorrow! So look out for us in tomorrow's issue :)

Its been a pretty productive day!
- Edwin

Deck Graphic, Lemonade Stands, WRNJ!

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Well, I just finished doing the deck graphic for the donated Kracked Skulls Scimitar, and it came out wonderfully clean! Although there is some bleeding of the paint, its minor and not really a big deal. I apologize for the less than wonderful picture, at the moment I only have access to the webcam on this computer and the purple NJ didn't stand out nearly as well as it does in real life.

Danny and I were interviewed by two very nice men from Star-Ledger today! We had photos taken of us and the interview went wonderfully, at least I hope so! It was a bit nervous for it but it was much easier to talk than anticipated. Hope to see us soon in the news! :D

We'll also be interviewed on the 5:40 show on WRNJ (a local radio station, 92.7 and 104.7FM and 1510AM) on August 4th! I'll make a post later on to remind you guys to tune in :)

Afterwards, we made some signs and gathered lemonade stand materials. For all readers in the Hackettstown area, make sure to visit Ritas tomorrow (July 28) at 5pm as we have our first lemonade stand! We'll be selling cups of lemonade for 50 cents each as well as our Skate Cape May for ALSF wristbands for $2 each! Come along and help support our cause!

This entire event is starting to come together rather quickly! We're in for a busy two weeks!

Catch you later,
- Edwin


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Sorry I haven't updated in quite some time! Its been about 4 weeks and I've been away at camp and unable to check up on the site. But I'm back now so expect frequent updates!

While I was away, William Yowell from Kracked Skulls Longboards kindly sent us a free Scimitar deck, which we will be stenciling with the Skate Cape May logo. (When it has been stenciled, I'll post up pictures!)
I want to thank Kracked Skulls for the support and we'll be featuring his board at the stops we'll make!

Danny's mom has also emailed me saying that we were being featured in Black River Journal, and its excellent that we're starting to get more publicity!

Danny and I are also going to be interviewed by the Star Ledger tomorrow so this is culminating into a pretty exciting adventure!

This Wednesday, for those living in the Hackettstown/Long Valley/Chester area, we will be having a lemonade stand before the actual event to raise awareness and raise additional funds.

Until another update, I'm signing off!

- Edwin

Skate Cape May is a 200+ mile skateboarding journey from the top of New Jersey (High Point) to the bottom (Cape May) with the intent to raise funds for Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation for Childhood Cancer Research. Last year, we received an award as a Top 100 Fundraiser for 2010 for ALSF!

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