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For Skate Cape May 2011 we're hoping to have more community involvement by having people come skate with us for certain legs of the journey!

The idea behind it is that we'll have people joining us along our journey to come skate with us from one town to the next, which will be anywhere from 25 to up to 35 miles. We'll be charging $25-30 per participant to donate towards Alex's Lemonade Stand, and you'll also get a Skate Cape May 2011 shirt!

The Dates for Skate Cape May 2011 are as follows:

8/10/11 : Beginning in High Point State Park, Stopping in Newton, NJ

8/11/11 : Skating to Chester, NJ

8/12/11 : Hightstown, NJ

8/13/11 : Toms River, NJ

8/14/11 : Little Egg Harbor Township, NJ

8/15/11 : Northfield, NJ

8/16/11 : Cape May, NJ

To sign-up for a spot, copy and paste the following form, fill it out, and email it to us at!

Date of Birth:
Email Address:
Phone Number (Cell or Home):
Emergency Contact Number:
Days You Want to Participate:
Years Skateboarding/Longboarding:

After providing the above information, we will email you a waiver of liability form for you to print out, sign, and give to us when we leave for a town. If you are under 18, you will be required to have your parent/guardian sign you off. Otherwise, we ask that you present a valid driver's license or some other kind of photo id if you are 18 or older.


How do I meet up at a certain town?

Depending on the day, we will be leaving from a hotel/church/place we slept as early as 7:30am to as late as 10am, depending on that day's conditions. For those interested in participating, we will contact you with more specific information as to meeting spots as we work it out.

What about the weather?

We will be skating no matter what the weather conditions are, just like last year -- whether it be beating heat or intense downpour, we've set a schedule and are sticking to it. Be prepared for any condition.

What should I bring?

The best thing to bring is lots of drinks, as you will need them! Especially since we will be on the road through the summer heat, it'd be bad if you became dehydrated and perhaps, died or something like that. Danny and I both have Camelbak backpacks with the water resevoir. I'd highly recommend something like that as it worked wonders last year. Otherwise, a backpack full of water bottles or a gallon of water would work too!
Snacks and money for food are also a good idea, as we may make stops along the way to refuel or take breaks.
If anyone becomes too worn out, we will be able to share drinks/food.

As for everything else, be sure to bring a longboard/skateboard to ride and a helmet (mandatory!). We suggest sunglasses and maybe and ipod or something to play music as we will be outside for a very, very long time.

What if I get hurt along the way?

Since we are longboarding/skateboarding on roads, and since roads also have cars, cars may or may not hit you. Ideally, they won't, but we still have to consider safety and cover all of our bases (which is why we had you sign a waiver to participate). This event can be very dangerous for the inexperienced or for those who won't be paying attention. Safety is priority for an event like this so we will be taking precaution to avoid any danger.

However, since things can always happen (small or serious injuries), we will be carrying small first aid kits (antibiotic ointment, bandaids and the like) should someone, say, fall and scrape their knee or perhaps break their leg falling out of a tree. A follow car will be available on call should anything too serious arise.

How long will I skate?

Depending on the day you will be participating, the distance skating can range anywhere from 20 miles to nearly 50 miles. A general guideline is that the last 5 days are mostly flat but are longer in distance (30-50 miles), and the first two days are a bit more hilly and will only be about 20 miles each. Last year we skated on average about 5 or 6 hours a day (including breaks). As the event is shorter this year, we will be skating even longer each day and thus leave earlier.

Can I come with you guys the entire way?

Certainly! The only issue is that we will not be able to provide you with any place to stay. Unfortunately, to attend more than one leg of our trip will mean finding a place to stay on your own and joining us again the following morning.

How many people are coming to skate?

Honestly, we have no idea how many people will be joining us.

The Route

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Our event hopes to emphasize the ability for all to do good in the community, through our own medium - longboarding. Once again, just like last year, we hope to once again push forward (literally!) in the fight against cancer!

How does it work?

We'll be skating anywhere from 20-50 miles a day from town to town, where we'll meet up with a Skate Cape May lemonade stand in that town to raise money for Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation for Childhood Cancer! See below for our current route dates and stop locations!

2011 Route:

View Larger Map

The above is the conglomerate map/routing for Skate Cape May 2011. It's planned out on Google Maps, and avoids major highways for maximum safety. You can click on "View Larger Map" to see turn by turn directions! (Note, the conglomerate map is not the exact route we'll be taking, but instead just a rough estimation. The actual directions between each town will be more finely tuned but we'll be unable to publish each one)

Our schedule for our journey will thus be as follows:

The planned stop dates were as follows:
A-B) 8/10/11 : Beginning in High Point State Park, Stopping in Newton, NJ
C) 8/11/11 : Chester, NJ
D)8/12/11 : Hightstown, NJ
E) 8/13/11 : Toms River, NJ
F) 8/14/11 : Little Egg Harbor Township, NJ
G) 8/15/11 : Northfield, NJ
H) 8/16/11 : Cape May, NJ

*Lemonade Stand Locations!

A-B) 8/10/11 : Newton, NJ

C) 8/11/11 : Chester, NJ
ShopRite Supermarket, 195 US Highway 206 S
Chester, NJ 07930-2402

D)8/12/11 : Hightstown, NJ
Rita's Italian Ice
9 Princeton-Hightstown Road, East Windsor

E) 8/13/11 : Toms River, NJ

Rita’s Italian Ice

1687 Route 9, Toms River

F) 8/14/11 : Little Egg Harbor Township, NJ
Rita's Italian Ice
695 Route 9S, Little Egg Harbor Township

G) 8/15/11 : Northfield, NJ
Rita's Italian Ice
1200 Tilton Road, Northfield, NJ

H) 8/16/11 : Cape May, NJ
Rita's Italian Ice
707 Beach Avenue, Cape May, NJ

The Skate Cape May Lemonade Stand should be up by about 1pm, but we're not sure as to exactly when we'll be arriving -- generally, around 3-5pm.

2010 Route:

View Larger Map

The above is our planned route, as created on Google Maps, and has been plotted so that we avoid any major highways to ensure safe passage during our journey. (Click View Larger Map above to see turn by turn directions!)

During our journey, we will be starting at Point A, which is High Point State Park.
We will thus be making a stop each day at each designated point.

The planned stop dates were as follows:
A-B) 8/10/10 : Beginning in High Point State Park, Stopping in Newton, NJ
C) 8/11/10 : Chester, NJ
D)8/12/10 : Hillsborough, NJ
E) 8/13/10 : Hightstown, NJ
F) 8/14/10 : Browns Mills, NJ
G) 8/15/10 : Hammonton, NJ
H) 8/16/10 : Northfield, NJ
I) 8/17/10 : Sea Isle City, NJ
J) 8/18/10 : Final stop in Cape May, NJ!

The total trip was about 210 miles, averaging about 26.25 miles traveled a day.

About Us!

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Hi, my name is Danny Brookes, and I'm one of the founders of Skate Cape May. I am 17 years old and attend West Morris Central High School. I really wanted to raise money for ALSF because I have a friend who has had her life turned upside-down, twice, because of the disease. I am very happy that Edwin and I figured out a way to help the community and do something we loved, skating. I have been skating for two years, on my beat up gravity mini-carve. I love skating and I really hope we meet our goal.


Hey, my name is Edwin Zhang! I'm also one of the founders of Skate Cape May and our dynamic duo. Like Danny, I'm also 17 years old and attending West Morris Central High School. I've been skateboarding for about two and a half odd years, and I do a bit of "normal" skateboarding but I am also extremely passionate about longboarding, though it is not nearly as popular as skateboarding. I'm quite pleased that through this fundraiser we were able to include something that I loved - skateboarding - and use it to help out in raising funds for Childhood Cancer Research. Such a cause has indeed hit home for me, as my cousin was diagnosed with leukemia in kindergarten. Though he's better now, it just goes to show how Childhood Cancer is indeed worthwhile and more prevalent than we might think.


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2011 Sponsors:

What is ‘Aina? ‘Aina is Hawaiian for land or earth. Pronounced “eye-nah”

Malama ‘Aina; caring for the land. It’s what we all should strive to do. Every little change makes a difference and helps to protect our playground Earth. ‘Aina’s commitment to protecting the environment is more than just eco-friendly clothing, it’s about conservation, consuming less. The less we take from our planet makes it more enjoyable when we get to do the things that inspire and stoke us whatever they may be.

Thanks to Aina Clothing for donating some shirts and hats! Very much appreciated!


Thanks to Paris Trucks and Divine Wheel Co, both from Resourcedist for supporting us with trucks and wheels to use and raffle off during our journey!

Vox Footwear is a skateboarding shoe company established in 2005 based out of Vista, California. Be sure to take a look around the website for updates, news about Vox, and to gear up!
Thanks to Vox Footwear for donating some shoes for the trip!

Colorado-based Mile High Skates is helping our cause by providing us with their award-winning bearings!

We make headphones for the person who expects their gear to look good, work good, and make you feel good about being part of a brand that cares.


Thanks to Kracked Skulls Longboards for donating two decks that we will be using for Skate Cape May, especially for its repeat contribution!

Function Drinks is a line of great-tasting, highly functional dietary supplements. Created by a team of renowned physicians, Function utilizes natural, powerful ingredients to support your active lifestyle.
Thanks to Function Drinks for being the drink sponsor for our trip!

Thanks to Daddies Board Shop for even more bearings and their shop's ceramic bearings!

2010 Sponsors:

Thanks to Kracked Skulls Longboards for being the first to donate us a deck, which we now have with our Skate Cape May Logo!

Many thanks to Original Skateboards for supplying us with longboard equipment! They graciously donated an insane amount of gear, among them two new Apex 37 completes with Orangatang Stimulus wheels, two packs of extremely high quality bearings, maintenance kits, and a shirt for each of us! Eternal thanks to Original, they've been extremely helpful! We'll be riding their boards on this trip!

Also thanks to JC's Grill House, who will be holding a fundraiser for us when we stop in Newton, NJ on August 10th. You can find more information HERE. To those visiting JC's Grill House on August 10th, be sure to mention Skate Cape May and 10% of your food bill will be donated to our cause! They're located on 144 Spring Street, Newton, NJ, and be sure to check them out!

Thanks to Rita's Ice for supporting the Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation and also us! They are after all allowing us to set up lemonade stands in 6 of the 9 stops!

Also thanks to UNISERV Advertising for donating 75 Skate Cape May shirts that we should be receiving sometime this coming Thursday (August 12)!

Thanks to CamelBak for donating backpacks which we'll be wearing on our journey!

Thanks to Smartwater for donating about 10 cases of water to hydrate us on our adventure!

Thanks to DiGenni's Centennial Guest House for offering us a free night in Sea Isle City!

Thanks to Holiday Inn Express for supporting us with a free night in Newton, NJ!

Skate Cape May is a 200+ mile skateboarding journey from the top of New Jersey (High Point) to the bottom (Cape May) with the intent to raise funds for Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation for Childhood Cancer Research. Last year, we received an award as a Top 100 Fundraiser for 2010 for ALSF!

Click Here for more detailed information!