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2011 Sponsors:

What is ‘Aina? ‘Aina is Hawaiian for land or earth. Pronounced “eye-nah”

Malama ‘Aina; caring for the land. It’s what we all should strive to do. Every little change makes a difference and helps to protect our playground Earth. ‘Aina’s commitment to protecting the environment is more than just eco-friendly clothing, it’s about conservation, consuming less. The less we take from our planet makes it more enjoyable when we get to do the things that inspire and stoke us whatever they may be.

Thanks to Aina Clothing for donating some shirts and hats! Very much appreciated!


Thanks to Paris Trucks and Divine Wheel Co, both from Resourcedist for supporting us with trucks and wheels to use and raffle off during our journey!

Vox Footwear is a skateboarding shoe company established in 2005 based out of Vista, California. Be sure to take a look around the website for updates, news about Vox, and to gear up!
Thanks to Vox Footwear for donating some shoes for the trip!

Colorado-based Mile High Skates is helping our cause by providing us with their award-winning bearings!

We make headphones for the person who expects their gear to look good, work good, and make you feel good about being part of a brand that cares.


Thanks to Kracked Skulls Longboards for donating two decks that we will be using for Skate Cape May, especially for its repeat contribution!

Function Drinks is a line of great-tasting, highly functional dietary supplements. Created by a team of renowned physicians, Function utilizes natural, powerful ingredients to support your active lifestyle.
Thanks to Function Drinks for being the drink sponsor for our trip!

Thanks to Daddies Board Shop for even more bearings and their shop's ceramic bearings!

2010 Sponsors:

Thanks to Kracked Skulls Longboards for being the first to donate us a deck, which we now have with our Skate Cape May Logo!

Many thanks to Original Skateboards for supplying us with longboard equipment! They graciously donated an insane amount of gear, among them two new Apex 37 completes with Orangatang Stimulus wheels, two packs of extremely high quality bearings, maintenance kits, and a shirt for each of us! Eternal thanks to Original, they've been extremely helpful! We'll be riding their boards on this trip!

Also thanks to JC's Grill House, who will be holding a fundraiser for us when we stop in Newton, NJ on August 10th. You can find more information HERE. To those visiting JC's Grill House on August 10th, be sure to mention Skate Cape May and 10% of your food bill will be donated to our cause! They're located on 144 Spring Street, Newton, NJ, and be sure to check them out!

Thanks to Rita's Ice for supporting the Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation and also us! They are after all allowing us to set up lemonade stands in 6 of the 9 stops!

Also thanks to UNISERV Advertising for donating 75 Skate Cape May shirts that we should be receiving sometime this coming Thursday (August 12)!

Thanks to CamelBak for donating backpacks which we'll be wearing on our journey!

Thanks to Smartwater for donating about 10 cases of water to hydrate us on our adventure!

Thanks to DiGenni's Centennial Guest House for offering us a free night in Sea Isle City!

Thanks to Holiday Inn Express for supporting us with a free night in Newton, NJ!


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Skate Cape May is a 200+ mile skateboarding journey from the top of New Jersey (High Point) to the bottom (Cape May) with the intent to raise funds for Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation for Childhood Cancer Research. Last year, we received an award as a Top 100 Fundraiser for 2010 for ALSF!

Click Here for more detailed information!