Day 5: 8/14 - Hightstown to Browns Mills!

Posted by Edwin Saturday, August 14, 2010

Today was a day of pushing!

The terrain has been starting to flatten out, and so we've found ourselves pushing significantly more than we had near the more hilly areas of northern NJ.
Its our fifth day and according to our log, we've skated about 120 miles, not including the distances we skate to hotels and places to eat. We've also made around $1,400 total from our lemonade stands so far.

Our day of skating was, like I said previously, full of pushing. The sun came out and it was beautiful, although the sun was a bit...sunny, but not so much that the temperature rose obnoxiously. It was overall a pleasant ride. We passed a lot of farmland and vast fields, which was absolutely beautiful with the clouds in the sky. On the side of the road, we also passed a bush of wild grapes that Danny spotted, and we tried a couple! They were great - it seems we have a tendency to find fruit on our journey!

Upon our arrival at Browns Mills, we were actually pleasantly surprised that the Rita's sign actually had been proclaiming our arrival that day! But even so, very few came for our stand. The day was incredibly slow and almost nobody (save one or two people) knew who we were or what we were doing. Explaining our event takes a while but it was awesome to see some people genuinely interested in our cause and our event!

As for the outcome of the lemonade stand, it was the least we've made so far, as we raised $109 over the course of 4 hours. Not nearly as much as we would've liked but no matter, every amount helps to make a difference!

I'm going to apologize right now for not being diligent with the video updates. As day 5 closes, I've only managed to edit the video logs and video montages for Day 2! I'll be sure to try and finish the montage and vlog for Day 3 tonight and maybe even try to start the two for Day 4.
You'll be able to find our montages and video logs on our youtube channel:

We didn't take as many pictures today, but you can still see them on our facebook at:

Thanks for reading! We'll be seeing you all in Hammonton tomorrow, where you'll be able to find us at the Rita's Water Ice at 10 North White Horse Pike, Hammonton NJ. This ones going to be one of our more difficult skates (as it'll be 33 miles as opposed to our typical 20-25 mile skates), but I'm sure we'll pull through!

Goodnight everybody, and I hope you have a great day tomorrow!
- Edwin

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  1. ayms Says:
  2. Hello Edwin,
    you can also share your videos on here slo-motion and zoom options on the player !
    see you one day !


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