Day 3: 8/12 - Chester to Hillsborough!

Posted by Edwin Thursday, August 12, 2010

Today was our third day, where we skated from Chester to Hillsborough. And it was a day full of dirt and rain.

We spent the second half of the morning (about 5 miles!) on a completely dirt road with no feasible way to go around without adding a great many miles. It was a bit frustrating but we managed anyway! Pushing on a dirt and gravel road was certainly not a fun experience.
There was rain all afternoon, so we had to push through the rain for about 10 miles. It ranged from a small drizzle to a great downpour, so we donned our ponchos to skate. Our shoes and boards were completely covered and soaked with water but no matter, we skated on!
While we were skating on the road in the rain, we were actually stopped by the police. Except we were stopped because the officer actually found out what we were doing and wanted to tell us that we were doing a good job! Which was awesome!
He also made a donation and we gave him a shirt for his support!

We got to the Rita's of Hillsborough when the rain stopped, and set up our tent!
Colin Taylor (our magnificent sponsor manager!) was there, and he came to hang out and deliver a care package from Red Bull, containing a six pack of Red Bull! Very awesome!
While there, we met up with a reporter from the Star Ledger, who took video interviews of us all during our stand and took a lot of footage as well! It was great fun having her around!

Later on as the stand was coming to a close, I went to skate down to Prime Skate Shop, where I met a bunch of awesome skaters who had read about what we were doing! It was pretty awesome seeing them there, and they helped us by hooking me up with a helmet since mine was a bit old the foam was actually about to fall out.
Its a really cool shop so if you're ever in the Hillsborough area, definitely go and check them out!

I skated back to our stand and helped move the lemonade materials into the next car, and it turned out we actually raised a great amount of money!
A lot of people came specifically for us since hearing about what we were doing in the news, and many came to buy tshirts or even just lemonade! And there were many donations by those who didn't know what we were doing already!
Even so, it was raining, and the day was rather slow, which is why we were surprised that we made about $320!

Be sure to check us out as we skate out to Hightstown tomorrow! (August 13th!)
We'll be stopping at the Rita's sometime in the afternoon and staying there until about 6:30pm! You can find us at 9 Princeton Hightstown Road, Hightstown, NJ.

Be sure to check out our video logs and video montages from each day! They can be found at!

Have a great night!
- Edwin


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