Day 1: High Point State Park to Newton!

Posted by Edwin Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hey there!

Today was our first legitimate lemonade stand in our first town: Newton, NJ.
But first we backtrack to High Point State Park, where we started!
We met up with the Original Skateboards Crew there, where they filmed us doing some small bits at the hill just in front of the High Point State monument. We also met up with a reporter from the New Jersey Herald, who was interested in doing a story about us! From there, we skated down from the monument, out of the park, and into the open road!
The Original team was behind us for a good long portion of our trip! They were filming us for a great part of our journey! Though there were some tricky parts, especially as the hills near High Point are a bit treacherous, we managed to get through them anyway! Even if that meant walking down a particularly steep hill.
Along the way, we were actually stopped by a police officer, but after telling him what we were doing, he let us off with a warning and the suggestion to be careful.

Leaving High Point State Park at about 10:30, we arrived in Newton at about 2:00, meaning that we essentially had only taken about three hours, considering we had also stopped for ice cream on a place on the side of the road!

After checking in, we secured our belongings and had what was possibly the most incredible lemonade stand ever! Thanks to Original Skateboards, most of their employees and the co-owner, Brad, all got our to help support our cause! Though our lemonade stand was in Newton Square, with very little pedestrian traffic, they helped bring the lemonade out to the street to sell to oncoming traffic that had to stop at a traffic light.
The whole thing was rather awesome! We had probably a dozen people with crafty plywood signs proclaiming lemonade and our cause, weaving in and out of traffic to deliver lemonade and collect donations.
After a reasonably short 3 hours of lemonade selling, we made a grand total of $350!

Aside from the lemonade, we also received two CamelBak Backpacks to use on our journey, as well as 10 cases of SmartWater (though we only decided to retrieve four). Again, all thanks to Colin, who has been an incredible help to us!

We are definitely looking forward to our next skate tomorrow, where we'll be leaving Newton at 10am to hold our next stand in Chester from 5-8pm.
Our stand will be located on the Shoprite in Chester off of US. 206!

Thanks for all of the support!

To see a collection of photos we took today, visit our Facebook Photo Album:

To see our most recent video log or montage, visit our youtube channel at:
(In all honesty, the Day 1 Vlog is awful!)

- Edwin


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