Day 6: 8/15 - Browns Mills to Hammonton!

Posted by Edwin Monday, August 16, 2010

The above is a new chart I made for the stand! It shows how many miles we've skated one which legs of the journey on which days, as well as the amount of money we've raised at each stand (as well as the totals!)

Sorry that this post is late! Especially as I was sort of supposed to make it yesterday!
But in all honesty, yesterday's skate and lemonade stand left little to talk about. We raised a total of $111 over the course of the entire day, which we can pretty much accredit to the weather (since very few people actually came for Ritas).
There was also very little passing traffic unfortunately.
And to make matters worse, we were completely beat!
We made great time, arriving early to our stand by about half an hour, at around 2:30. (even though I forgot to tweet that we were actually there until about 4pm).
Even so, the day was very not interesting. Mind you, it wasn't boring, but it was simply repetitive and mellow of a skate (bike for Danny! and to remind you, he's also biking for the next two days because of some hip injury and strong pain).

There was a lot of pushing.
And I mean a lot.

The terrain has been getting flatter and flatter as we move south, which is unsurprising. But it wasn't exactly perfectly flat; rather, it was always either flat or the slightest bit uphill. And even so we found ourselves pushing significantly more than we normally do.

As for the stand, the traffic for our stand has also been getting slower and slower.

It also started raining, and because nobody was coming to our stand, we decided it best to head to the hotel, and leave the stand early.

We made a video log, but you won't get to see it for a while! Mind you, I'm still a bit behind on the videos (sorry!).

Anywho, I'll be writing our blog post for our day today (Hammonton to Northfield) in a few minutes!

- Edwin


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