Day 4: 8/13 - Hillsborough to Hightstown!

Posted by Edwin Friday, August 13, 2010

[We were in the Star Ledger and the Daily Record today! Check it out:

Today was our fourth day on our trip and I definitely have to say it was a great one! Even if it was Friday the 13th!
Though we had been expecting rain, we were graciously blessed with a perfect temperature that wasn't too hot or too cool, as well as a lot of sun and best of all, no rain!
Our day started off with some navigational problems (we missed our first turn and had to turn back!) but no matter, the rest of the day went generally smoothly! On that note, it was great to have a route that was completely paved with not dirt trails to be seen!
In fact, we were treated to Canal Street, which had to be a mile of pure pavement bliss, since it was pretty much the smoothest road we've ever been on, and as an added bonus it was next to a river/canal!

The roads were, for the most part, rather empty. They were also relatively flat or with mild uphills, so we found ourselves pushing for a great deal, but it certainly beat walking up long steep hills with a lot of traffic!

Danny was actually in a bit of pain today, as he had some problems with pushing and walking due to some sharp pains in his hip region (which resolved themselves later that day!).

On the way, we saw a lot of beautiful fields and the clouds in the sky were great! We also stopped in one neighborhood for watermelon, which we bought whole. Since there weren't any knives, Danny split the watermelon in two and we ate the watermelon like that.
And it was delicious.
We even offered it to a passing jogger who accepted some watermelon chunks we broke off! We're always charitable.

Afterwards, we were running a bit late on our schedule (at least by my standards) and arrived at the Rita's sometime after 3pm, with the stand already set up by our parents.
Our stand was actually very slow, and very few actually knew what we were doing beforehand, so I guessed the media attention hasn't reached as much further down south. But all in all, we made $225 at the stand thanks to the donations of passerbys and Rita's customers! So far though, its been our second least successful stand (the most being our preliminary stand).

Despite everything, we still carried on!

A problem that we discussed though was our actual donation count. Though we've been saying that we've raised over $7,000, we actually found out today that our total donated money was actually in the upper $5,000's. Sorry for any confusion!

Due to the slowness of the stand, we actually ended up keeping up our stand much later, up to about 7 or 7:30pm. Which meant that we were skating to our hotel, at Holiday Inn on the highway shoulder in the dark, which was a bit frightening, but still we were careful and made it out alive. Phew!

And now I'm sitting here finishing this post as it approaches 1pm, hoping that I'll be able to get some sleep tonight especially for tomorrow!

So the deal for tomorrow is this:
We'll be skating over to Browns Mills, NJ tomorrow, and holding our stand at the Ritas Water Ice at 21 Juliustown Road, Browns Mills, NJ, with our arrival sometime around 2 or 3pm (find out when we approach by following our twitter!)
Our stand will be up until about 7pm, so be sure to check us out!

I'm also very behind on video day montages and video logs, so I'll be hoping to post some more tomorrow night!

As for pictures, you can find our photo albums on facebook:
Today's album for Hillsborough to Hightstown can be found here:

Yesterday's album for Chester to Hillsborough can be found here:

Our photo albums will be constantly updated since uploading our photos is a lot easier than editing for our montages! So definitely keep coming back since I'll be adding more photo albums as the days progress!
To keep posted on our video logs and montages, check out our youtube channel at!

See you all later in Browns Mills!
- Edwin


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