Day 7: Northfield to Cape May!

Posted by Edwin Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sorry for the late post, but I got back from Cape May quite late last night!

Needless to say, we're both quite tired but quite satisfied with what we've done!

As our longest skate the entire trip (about 48 miles!) we left earlier in the morning from Northfield and made our way down into Cape May, passing quite a few coast towns. Danny was on a longboard today, even though his bike was fixed while we were in Northfield. He's quite a trooper considering his broken foot and all.

The weather seemed fantastic at first, and it seemed like the weather would finally agree with us, a change from the last two days of rain, rain, and rain. We passed through Ocean City, Sea Isle City, Avalon, and Wildwood as we followed roads down the coast. Of course, it seemed like the storm followed us to every town we passed.

First it'd be sunny and nice, and in less than a minute it'd just magically turn into a torrential downpour! Awesome! Rain isn't so bad when you know it'll be a wet day, but the clouds just didn't seem to want to make up their mind, so it'd just go back and forth. It seemed like we brought the storm to each town, as we entered it'd be sunny and then a short while later, rain!

Danny was more bothered by the rain. Not that it was wet, but because it wouldn't stay wet. Personally I kind of wanted some sun. I'd always come so close to drying off and then I'd get wet again...

Of course the rain did make things a bit slippery and we had our fair share of falls -- I fell upon my butt once or twice, but Danny sustained heavier casualties. He scraped up his right knee and rolled his ankle, which just added to the pains he already had from his hip and broken foot.

Many bridges and 48 miles later, we arrived in Cape May to a bunch of purple Skate Cape May shirted family members all eager to take our pictures! Weird seeing so many of the same shirt in one place but that's beside the point.

We kind of collapsed into chairs at our stand, changed out of our wet gear, and proceeded with some major lemonade standing, telling beachgoers of our efforts. A reporter from the Cape May Star and Wave also came out to interview us, great to get some more media coverage! After about two hours of selling lemonade/wristbands/tshirts we decided to part ways and head home. And now we are more or less settled at home now!

Thanks to all for making this year's Skate Cape May successful!
- Edwin


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Skate Cape May is a 200+ mile skateboarding journey from the top of New Jersey (High Point) to the bottom (Cape May) with the intent to raise funds for Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation for Childhood Cancer Research. Last year, we received an award as a Top 100 Fundraiser for 2010 for ALSF!

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