Day 5: Toms River to Little Egg Harbor Township!

Posted by Edwin Monday, August 15, 2011

This post is a day late, sorry to those following us! We stayed in Little Egg Harbor Township last night at a campground nearby and there wasn't any wi-fi to do any fancy schmancy laptop blog posting. But right now we're in Northfield so I'll just recall yesterday's events!

We started off in the morning and as luck would have it, it started raining the very minute we were about to leave. Of course. I grabbed a quick breakfast of chips and soda and we left for the day, taking Route 9 for 30 miles all the way down to our next stop in Little Egg Harbor Township!

I guess other than the torrential downpour and flooding in the streets and shoulders, there really wasn't much to say. Honestly, it really was just following one road for 30 miles. It reminded me of last year's Sea Isle City to Cape May, since once again we'd be riding our boards through huge..."puddles" if you could call them that. Actually that'd be a lie, since Danny didn't actually get to enjoy the experience. I was skating while Danny had to ride his bike for the 30 miles because of well, his fractured foot and all.

Just to give you an idea of how deep the water is, the picture above should tell the tale pretty well. It was pretty awesome. After being soaked for hours the water really stops being a nuisance, 'twas kind of surreal in that kind of way.

We arrived at our stand location and frankly, the place was pretty much deserted. We met a couple people and asked for donations and such but it was nothing to get way too excited about. Apparently the location wasn't too popular, and since it was raining business really wasn't expected to pick up. Eventually we decided to call it quits and just skate to the campground since the rain had died down a little, and we wanted to get back before it got all intense again.

We made about $105 at the stand today. Many thanks to the owner who was not there but still donated very generously!

And so we slept in the cabin, which was very.. intimate. It was small and kind of neat to stay in. We pretty much arrived and went to bed very early (9pm, shocking!) to do another skate tomorrow!

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- Edwin


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