Day 6: Little Egg Harbor to Northfield!

Posted by Edwin Monday, August 15, 2011

Just one day left!

We started off today in pretty low spirits since it really did look like another day of rain. I mean well, it's fun and all once but putting on soaking wet shoes in the morning and getting wet after a night of being nice, dry and cozy is just not something everyone wants to do.

Well, it wasn't too great for the first while. We did have to walk half a mile in sand because that's just the road out of the campground, and rode for a while in the wet. Not too bad.

Eventually it cleared up and got a little sunny, not to mind the still many puddles all over the road, but it was nice to see some sun and feel a little bit drier than say, yesterday.
The skate actually passed by very quickly, since in the first two hours we were already more than halfway there!

I had my first spill today! It was on a mile long stretch of road (Lower Branch Road I think?) when Danny slingshotted me one his bike. Combined with being a bit tired, being slingshotted at an awkward angle, and the roads being wet, my board slipped out from under me and I kind of just slid on my buttocks for a little. Aside from a small scratch on my hand, no injuries were sustained. A lot of laughter did ensue.

Later as we passed through Little Egg Harbor City, Danny's spokes on his bike decided hey, I don't feel like working anymore. So his bike's back wheel (which had already been deformed for the past 45 miles and wobbled back and forth hitting the frame of the bike) kind of just... stopped working. And that's the story!
He was forced to skate the last 10 miles into Northfield, which he claims to have enjoyed despite the pain and anguish from his very painful and anguish-inducing foot fracture. But, he claims, he's "used to it." Sure, Danny.

We arrived in Northfield and immediately saw a huge, dark, and ominous cloud coming towards us (i.e. a storm's abrewin'!) so we didn't set up our lemonade stand. We still stood around and did solicit donations while we waited for the rain to pass by. While it really kind of didn't, our pseudo-stand seemed moderately successful!

After a quick skate to the hotel, we're kind of just here, waiting for tomorrow to take us, I guess. This year's Skate Cape May really is ending in less than 24 hours now. Thanks to everyone following us this far, and for all of the support! Wish us luck on our longest skate this week to Cape May for tomorrow!

See you tomorrow!
- Edwin


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Skate Cape May is a 200+ mile skateboarding journey from the top of New Jersey (High Point) to the bottom (Cape May) with the intent to raise funds for Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation for Childhood Cancer Research. Last year, we received an award as a Top 100 Fundraiser for 2010 for ALSF!

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