Day 4: Hightstown to Toms River!

Posted by Edwin Saturday, August 13, 2011

Hello all, as a refreshing change of pace I, Danny, will be writing the post.

Today was really.. chill. We accidentally woke up a tad late, enjoyed a nice breakfast and went off. Unfortunately I had to be on a bike because of a potentially broken foot, but that's besides the point.

- Danny

Well I've come to reclaim my position here, Danny decided to make the post but decided against it after a few sentences. Since it's kind of short and didn't really explain much I'll finish it up, no problem!

As Danny said, today was really.. chill, and we did wake up a bit late. Wasn't sure exactly how to break the news to you guys, but last night Danny thought that he re-fractured his sesamoid (which is some kind of fancy toe thing that isn't absolutely necessary but apparently causes a lot of pain). One hospital visit later, suspicions were confirmed. Even though the first doctor who looked at the x-rays thought that Danny had just sprained bone (despite the very obvious and visible fracture).

So, Danny had to take his bike down while I skated the 27 miles today. I'd say he definitely lucked out in this case, since the 27 miles today was much tougher than the 44 yesterday. While yesterday was maybe about 8 hours of skating with stops, it was a mix of pushing on flat, skating down hills, and walking up steep, congested hills. Except today's skate was kind of obnoxious since it was a solid 5 hours of constant pushing. There's something about central jersey where it seems like the roads are always kind of flat but always slightly uphill enough that its always a struggle. Kind of like those dreams where you'd be walking down a corridor but everything keeps getting farther away. Yeah.

We stopped a lot just to avoid the whole heat stroke thing and feelings of throwing up. Which worked out for us.

Our arrival was a little late considering all of our stops, and Danny's bike actually got a flat while we were refueling ourselves at a QuickChek and so, he was forced to skate the last 5 miles, which he describes as, and I quote, "the worst five miles of my life."

The lemonade stand was a bit less than ideal. The place was pretty desolate considering we didn't arrive at peak customer hours and we left too early to start. A lot of the people who were there unfortunately really didn't..interact very much with us, and I'm not too surprised. We were both very tired and not exactly extremely enthusiastic at our stand..

Our total for today's stand was about $60.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a little bit more successful! We'll be in the Rita's of Little Egg Harbor Township at 695 Route 9 S, Little Egg Harbor Township, NJ.

Maybe you'll see us skate as we go down Route 9 the entire way!

Until tomorrow!
- Edwin


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