Day 3: Chester to Hightstown!

Posted by Edwin Friday, August 12, 2011

First off, sorry Hillsborough! We've skipped you this year! Perhaps we'll be able to make it up to you, maybe. We did pass through at least!

As part of the whole making the trip shorter bit we did have to cut out some towns to make the event a little more vigorous and challenging this year. It did also mean a little less planning considering we wouldn't have to organize even more routes between towns.

Our skate was from Chester to Hightstown today! After sleeping on hard wood floors with makeshift piles of clothes as pillows and waking up at 5:30am to my very, very annoying alarm (let's just say we hit snooze every 10 minutes continuously for about two hours), we were a bit sore. And a bit grumpy, even. But all was well as soon as we started skating as it seemed like once we got going our soreness magically melted away.

It was pretty nice!

This was one of the longest skates we've done so far, totaling about 44 miles (after we came to the hotel), and since we knew it'd be long, we left early. Rush hour traffic early. Skating town 206 South was a bit interesting, considering we were mostly walking on the side to avoid getting hit by a car and well, getting killed. Along the way we had a man working at a gas station recognize us and make a donation, as well as another make a donation at a different gas station just a little bit further down. Great to see people who know what we've been doing and help out!

I think the best part of today's skate was the simple fact we didn't have to skate on any dirt roads. No more frustration! Despite being a skate over 40 miles, it generally went without a hitch!

We eventually arrived at the Rita's of Hightstown, had a very pleasant chat with the people working there, and we were visited by a friend we met last year in Cape May and a reporter doing a story for and a local newspaper! He took some photos and video of us before we returned to the stand to sell our many magnificent products..

From today's stand, we've raised $245!

Since we held our stand up later than we normally do, until about 8, we ended up having to skate in the dark to our hotel. Unfortunately enough for us we ended up having to work our way up Route 33 through the traffic. I wouldn't call the traffic dense but I would definitely say it was fast. Being dark didn't help either. Some jumping of jersey barriers and sprinting was involved, say, across maybe six lanes of traffic (which is a lot longer of a distance than I had imagined!).

Fortunately we made it out alive (mostly) and safe and sound in a hotel room, we're ready to take on tomorrows skate!

We'll be skating to the Rita's in Tom's River tomorrow, at 1687 Route 9, Toms River, NJ. Expect us there at maybe 3 or 4, while we'll probably be staying there until about 7!

Until tomorrow!
- Edwin


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