Day 2: Newton to Chester!

Posted by Edwin Thursday, August 11, 2011

The picture above, in case you were wondering, is Daniel Brookes partaking in a phenomenon known only as "planking." We decided upon some quick shenanigans as we waited for traffic to clear up from rush hour.

The skate today was a bit...distracting from what we normally do. Passing through Hackettstown, Danny over here (well, you can't see him right now because I'm writing this on a computer) decided to take it upon himself to have some of his hairs cut, since he didn't get to prior to the trip itself. Since we were passing through our own town, we pretty much knew where to go, what with being local and whatnot. We ate using some Wendy's gift cards we received as a donation yesterday in Newton (which reminds me, a very nice lady came out to see us and donated gift cards for Wendy's and McDonalds as well as money to keep us fed/hydrated along the way!)

Walking back through our neighborhood, Danny met up with one of his friends and I met up with one of my friends (just kidding, I don't have any) and instead met up with some boards we just received from Kracked Skulls! We sat down and set them up and we'll be riding them for our trip!

Skating down Naughright Road was a bit of a challenge considering its kind of steep and all, and there are quite a few cars kind of coming up and down the mountain, like, really fast. It doesn't help that it being a mountain, we were going like, really fast.

Some of our school friends actually saw us and stopped to say hi, and since we passed our own school Danny visited his teacher (Hey Obes, this is a shout out to you, enjoy your brief moment of fame), and he filled his Camelbak up with some good ol' school water fountain water.

We finally got to Chester Shoprite and we met up with our parents who had set up the lemonade stand before we got there! The Observer Tribune came down to interview us again, and we got to meet up with Colin and he hooked us up with some great Aina clothing and Frends headphones for our trip.

After a couple hours of lemonade standing, we were able to raise upwards of $700! Very much better than last year!

And so, we're sitting here in a Starbucks nearby finishing off this blog post before we head out to eat and return to our very sketchy but awesome vacant store where we'll be staying!

Until the future,
- Edwin (and Danny)

Be sure to check up on the Skate Cape May facebook page ( as we'll be updating with many photos from each day!


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