Deck Graphic, Lemonade Stands, WRNJ!

Posted by Edwin Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Well, I just finished doing the deck graphic for the donated Kracked Skulls Scimitar, and it came out wonderfully clean! Although there is some bleeding of the paint, its minor and not really a big deal. I apologize for the less than wonderful picture, at the moment I only have access to the webcam on this computer and the purple NJ didn't stand out nearly as well as it does in real life.

Danny and I were interviewed by two very nice men from Star-Ledger today! We had photos taken of us and the interview went wonderfully, at least I hope so! It was a bit nervous for it but it was much easier to talk than anticipated. Hope to see us soon in the news! :D

We'll also be interviewed on the 5:40 show on WRNJ (a local radio station, 92.7 and 104.7FM and 1510AM) on August 4th! I'll make a post later on to remind you guys to tune in :)

Afterwards, we made some signs and gathered lemonade stand materials. For all readers in the Hackettstown area, make sure to visit Ritas tomorrow (July 28) at 5pm as we have our first lemonade stand! We'll be selling cups of lemonade for 50 cents each as well as our Skate Cape May for ALSF wristbands for $2 each! Come along and help support our cause!

This entire event is starting to come together rather quickly! We're in for a busy two weeks!

Catch you later,
- Edwin


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Skate Cape May is a 200+ mile skateboarding journey from the top of New Jersey (High Point) to the bottom (Cape May) with the intent to raise funds for Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation for Childhood Cancer Research. Last year, we received an award as a Top 100 Fundraiser for 2010 for ALSF!

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